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Where Have I Been?

March 3, 2018
Field Outside My House

This is a hard post to write, I feel bad about taking so much time away from my blog, but sometimes you have to take time to yourself. I went through a rough time of my life last year, I finished uni but had a rough time through that and it didn’t end exactly how I wanted. I decided to end my four year relationship as it just didn’t feel right with the way my mental health was going. I moved to a town I’d never even heard of before. Everything just all got a bit too much and I had to take some time to myself. I’m still trying to get into the swing of things, but I’m hoping this text post will be the start of my return to blogging. It’s something I used to enjoy so much, but it’s hard to find the time with my new job, so please bare with me!

I have some content planned that I’ll have coming up shortly, but my posts may be less frequent than they used to be whilst I try get back on track. They may also be less consistent, so I may not have a particular day I post on in the week like I used to have. Basically, please don’t have any expectations of me so I don’t feel so bad when I don’t do so well! I feel like at the moment I stopped blogging, it was when my blog was just starting to get somewhere, and the pressure really built up on me. But I’m going to try again and see what happens I guess!

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